Cloud Native Applications

Independent, bespoke REST APIs for dynamic websites and mobile apps.

HughesTech is a local, bespoke provider of Cloud Native applications and REST APIs that improves front end development work-flow speed and security by an order of magnitude.

Web design companies are frequently the first point of contact for any business’ website needs. And more often than not the front-end coding aspects of a site (designing and developing of the user interface), and the back end programming (storage and processing of data) of it, require two different sets of expertise.

By being unable to carry both hats equally well, a project might take longer than intended, or even worse: fail.

General purpose and free APIs are often difficult, if not impossible to work with and seldom cater for local conditions. Get what you need, where you need it, how you need it, by outsourcing your dynamic content delivery requirements to us.

We prefer not to charge for setup and development upfront, but rather include all dev costs into an open-end, affordable monthly service (SaaS) fee.

What can HughesTech do for you?

At HughesTech, we are bringing independently managed and complte dynamic content generation and back-end infrastructure to digital agencies and corporates. We provide bespoke and open-ended back end APIs as affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings with no development or setup costs.

Back end services for eCommerce, custom calculators, mobile apps etc.


We can programme unique online solutions that could help you manage stock more effectively and as per your exact criteria.

Courier and freight

We can custom develop web services that are unique to South African transport legislation, VAT etc.


From custom calculators to complex financial models in Excel, and everything in between, we can provide the right solution to integrate your data with your websites.

Content management

Store and manage news articles on your site with solid API end-points content delivery systems programmed by us.

Internal data & process management

If you need to manage the intricate internal processes and data of the company – get us on-board. We can develop online solutions that can manage anything. For e.g. we can develop an online system that manages orders, payments, payments with a commission structure included, sourcing, distribution etc.

Why choose HughesTech?

  • We are local.
  • Our online solutions are developed in accordance with SA VAT, legislation etc.
  • We are affordable.
  • We can help you roll-out your projects 4 to 5 times faster and more seamlessly.
  • Our team of expert programmers will help you add additional value to your client relationships.
REST APIs for Africa