The Hard Core Digital Agency

That does not suck

HughesTech is a local, bespoke provider of Cloud Native applications and on-line systems that can be either a 24/7 functional website or Internal Use Only bespoke set of systems, specific to your internal company processes.

Why “Hard-Core”?

Do you want a webpage, or a Management Information system?

If you are looking for an award-winning website, we are not ashamed to say we would probably not be the best choice. Marketing digital agencies are better at that.

If, however, you require a (serious) Management Information system, call us immediately. Think: Mainframe on the Web

We do bespoke/custom crafted facilities to:

  • Generate complex quotes on demand
  • Manage your rental facility like storage lockers,mailboxes, properties, whatever
  • Online educational and training platforms
  • Automated email and SMS platforms
  • Custom API's
  • Staff and people management
  • Online catalogues
  • Stuff that has not even been thought of yet

How do we “not suck”?

Respect. We respect all enquiries and interactions. Emails, telephone calls, WhatsApps, etc. are answered and taken seriously.

Integrity. Your information, data and business secret are always sacrosanct. Always secure and protected, never shared with anyone.


  • All communications are respected and answered
  • Data and company information will always be secure and private
  • We will not get involved with anything dodgy
  • We never leave you in the lurch

What can HughesTech do for you?

At HughesTech, we are bringing independently managed and complete functional online systems and websites companies of any size. We provide bespoke and open-ended functional online systems with minimal dependence on restrictive and vulnerable developer tools. 'Hard core' coding making for highly stable and highly efficient results.

Online systems and websites for eCommerce, custom calculators, mobile apps etc.


We can programme unique online solutions that could help you manage stock more effectively and as per your exact criteria.

Courier and freight

We can custom develop web services that are unique to South African transport legislation, VAT etc.


From custom calculators to complex financial models in Excel, and everything in between, we can provide the right solution to integrate your data with your websites.

Content management

Store and manage news articles on your site with solid API end-points content delivery systems programmed by us.

Internal data & process management

If you need to manage the intricate internal processes and data of the company – get us on-board. We can develop online solutions that can manage anything. For e.g. we can develop an online system that manages orders, payments, payments with a commission structure included, sourcing, distribution etc.

Why choose HughesTech?

  • We are local.
  • Our online solutions are developed in accordance with SA VAT, legislation etc.
  • We are affordable.
  • We can help you roll-out your projects 4 to 5 times faster and more seamlessly.
  • Our team of expert programmers will help you add additional value to your client relationships.
How it works