We Help SME's to Expand their Business Online, Expanding Sales and Reach

Leverage the benefits of going digital without the trauma and the large, upfront expense of doing so. Everything from initial planning to full implementation included in a reasonable, monthly subscription.

Leverage with Online

All the benefits of putting your business online. More sales, more customers, cutting-edge image. Even international reach and business.

Fully Managed Service

No ongoing costs or maintenance issues. We look after everything for you. Daily backups, security, user management - the lot

Subscription Based

All upfront development costs for your custom solution, as well as all running costs included in a fixed monthly fee. Like a cell-phone contract

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Percent of all purchases will be online by 2040

Percent of people believe online purchases are a better deal

Percent of small businesses are missing out on an online presence

Percent check the company website before contacting them


We help SME's expand their business by going online with professionally implemented, custom developed systems to suit their own situations. Our solutions are available on a subscription or per unit basis to save the SME the risk of expensive, up front costs while giving you the online benefits your company deserves.

Dynamic Websites

Data driven websites that change automatically. Websites that change often rank best in SEO as well as giving your audience meaningful, current information. Story built copy to show why your company matters.

Business Process Automation

Internal process systems on the Cloud that can be used on any device for anywhere. Increased efficiencies freed from a static workstation.

Data Transformations

Merging and collection of data from many different sources like spreadsheets and databases. Changing and cleaning data to make it more meaningful and useful.


Rebuild and re-energise old, clunky and ill-supported software and websites. Save frustration and avoid risk by moving and re-implementation on the Cloud.

Integrations and API's

Working with and keeping all your data on our servers goes a long way to protecting yourself from ransom-ware attacks and cyber attacks in general. Instant, automatic backups.

Consulting and Advice

Over 35 years experience in corporate IT and Management Information Systems, as well as a track record of defending UKTV from hack invasions from Anonymous and the Free Syrian Army hacker groups, gives us the solid grounding to know what is the best solutions and approach in your journey online.

Why Us

The benefits of expanding online are self-evident, but how to get there is simply too daunting and too expensive to be a realistic option for most SME's. HughesTech has developed a unique model to bridge the gap making it not only possible, but feasible for an SME to leverage off the huge promise of expanding online.


SME Friendly

After owning a running a retail business service franchise for 12½ years, we know what it is like. We know the unique challenges, cash flow issues and difficulties that comes with having an SME. We know what matters.


Pricing Model

No SME has the luxury of spare capital to invest in going online. By structuring our fee structure like a cell-phone contract, your SME can get a world-class, digitisation solution at a reasonable, fixed monthly subscription.


Solid and Wide Experience in IT

From large mainframe development for the life assurance and banking sectors to defending UKTV website from attacks from Anonymous and the Free Syrian Army hacker groups, we have the depth and breadth of experience to help your journey online a significant success.


The adage "how long is a piece of string" applies to pricing. Actual pricing is determined by too many factors to be summarised here. However, below we can give some illustrative indicators of typical prices you can expect.

Monthly Subscription Type ZAR 2 years ZAR 3 years USD 2 years USD 3 years GBP 2 years GBP 3 years
Dynamic Website, 4 pages. Manual updates by HughesTech as a Managed Service R600 R400 $40 $27 £30 £20
Reimplementation of a reasonable sized website or PC system to the Cloud R1000 R667 $67 $45 £50 £34
API Implementation and Integration R750 R500 $50 $34 £38 £25
Logistics Quotation System R6250 R4166 $416 $278 £313 £208
Rental System R4584 R3055 $278 $313 £313 £208
Ad Hoc / Once Off ZAR USD GBP
Data Extract and Transformation from ±20 spreadsheets with duplicate removal and reformatting R6000 $400 £300
Creating spreadsheets from external or text data R6000 $400 £300

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How secure is my date while being managed by HughesTech?

    Your data is as secure as one would expect to be with bank. All your data is as securely kept on a ring-fenced and Firewalled Cloud server with all ports closed except port 443 - the SSL entry port. All traffic to and from your device is encrypted using an SSL certificate (https://). Your data is always yours and private. We never share any of your data without your direct instruction to do so. Backups are frequent and automatically send to another server in a different data centre.

  • No. The monthly subscription model is simply a convenience option for SME's that do not want to spend a large amount in up-front development. If Project Cost is preferable, we would only be too glad to accommodate you. The only monthly fee applicable thereafter would be hosting and support costs as a percentage of initial development costs.

  • Typically 2 or 3 years, but they could be longer or shorter if required.

  • Of course! You are free to cancel anytime. All we ask is that the remaining term of the contract be settled so that we can recover our cost of development.

  • Small changes are carried out as part of the Managed Service. Larger enhancements and changes are costed and we simply recalculate and we enter into a new contract.


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