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HughesTech is an independent web services company that offers companies cost-effective, timely back end support to the everyday data processing problems they face.

The age of Industry 4.0 is on the horizon and more and more companies realise that they need to digitise their processes in order to simplify and streamline the way they do business.

Custom built online systems is an excellent way to manage dynamic content, modernise the business, save time, cut costs etc. The advantages are endless. But how does it work?

Back end services explained...

All communication between your apps and our back end service is done as an industry standard REST API call. We will create and give you a URL which your app calls with an HTTPS:// (SSL) request using a GET (read), PUT (create), POST (update) or DELETE (remove) method. All data is sent and returned in a JSON-formatted text message, which can be created and consumed used by any web page or device app framework on the planet.

Using our bespoke REST API services, any front-end developer is now able to roll-out projects by an order of magnitude faster and better. Web pages and device apps can change as much as required or moved to any platform without any risk of breaking anything in the back-end. REST APIs are fairly quick to implement and change. Testing can be script-based and all security, hosting, backups and all the more technical and data concerns can be considered as 'baked-in'.

A robust, bespoke REST API from HughesTech is quick to develop and deploy, and are tailored specifically for your use-case. They are both effective and highly cost-effective to use.

Having all your dynamic content delivered as a REST API web service is
applicable in a wide variety of situations, including:


    This is a 'biggie'. Managing and maintaining stock images, stock levels, prices, VAT, sales and returns, not to mention user registration is all a huge pain. Feeding in any changes as a PUT/POST call, and returning the amended info to display as a GET call is way better!


    Every business has document and information flows. Any website, whether in-house or public-facing, needs to reflect this. Web service calls can facilitate the most complex process, reducing it to a far more manageable project.


    Dynamic content does not have to be numbers only. Text content is also processable. Appropriate and selected text can be constructed according to the selection parameters sent to get that text. The same applies to images or any other digital asset.


    Content and results delivered and rendered in a phone app. All phones these days have internet data, but it is precious. JSON responses are just text, thus very efficient. A fairly comprehensive JSON response can be less than 1000 characters.


    Search for a limited set of advertisers with contact details to be rendered in app with a simpler GET request. Add/Update/Delete advertisers with equally simple PUT/POST/DELETE requests.


    Slow, but doable. API can read directly from a Google Sheet or uploaded Excel/Libra Office/Open Office/Lotus/etc.


    JSON responses are not the only output options available. Download automatically created spreadsheets, PDFs, in fact any downloadable digital media.


    An automatic and untended process can run forever on a server, periodically producing Invoices, emails or any other scheduled action. Administrate these with a PUT request or a GET request to see process stats. Use the GET response to create a dashboard.


    Accurate estimating and quotes can be very involved, requiring a fair amount of Systems Analysis skill and time to master. Quoting for courier and freight is one example. We already have two courier calculators live in in the wild already. Similar complexity can be found in industry, as well as retail.

Any Other Ideas?

The power and simplicity of the development architectural style only beginning to be realised.
Options are limitless. Hugely increased productivity coupled with hugely reduced levels of stress.

Whatever your data or process problem, contact us!

REST APIs for Africa
REST APIs for Africa