Overview and Concept

In Depth Description

Front end development and back end development are fundamentally different jobs, requiring quite different mind and skill sets.

The front end workflow is, and should be, fluid and dynamic, responsive to the perceptual changes of the client.

Back end, by necessity, is more “brittle”. It needs to be solid and structured. When too tied to the front end process, there is the effect of frequent front end changes breaking the back end all time or the more ponderous nature of back end stifling front end development process.

The answer, of course, is to completely separate the two functions. Let the front end get its dynamic content in the form of a single message and response so that workflow can focus exclusively on rendering and not have to worry about process.

HughesTech have pioneered a way to make this separation a feasible and workable reality. We create a completely independently managed and secure environment that maintains and delivers all your dynamic content as a REST API.

A REST API is nothing more than a web page that delivers text rather than HTML. Plain text that can be rendered where and how you need it, when you need it on any platform or device.

Custom and Bespoke

Minimalistic, Targeted, Solid and Swift

Because we create bespoke end-points (URLs) for your specific use case, you will not get loads of superfluous data, as one would expect from normal, generic APIs.

Each screen, each page, each display only gets what it needs for rendering. We work with you ensure the most simple, most effective responses.

Flexibility is baked in. You need a new data item or link? Just tell us about it and we will just put it in!

Development of complex back end processes need not hold you. We would supply the text response first, with realistic dummy data as sample content, allowing you to work on the rendering and presentation while the actual content is being set up.

This allows for completely parallel development of both back end delivery and front end presentation, reducing the overall development time by an order of magnitude.


All Inclusive Monthly SaaS

A lot less than you would think.

Our bespoke dynamic content delivery is a subscription service that includes all set up, development and management costs. No other expenses, hidden or otherwise.

Like a streaming service such as Netflix, you pay only to watch the movies, not for the production cost of creating the movie.

Unlike Netflix, however, you are subscribing to the movie you want. Our service is bespoke, after all.


How Secure is it?

All API calls are done over an SSL (https://). No ‘Man-in-the-Middle’ eavesdropping as the messages are fully encrypted. The secure, remote, managed server's only connection with the outside world is through a secure SSL port, making it well nigh impenetrable.

Ransomware, and other attacks would have absolutely no effect on core databases. All communication with the back end is done in pure and plain text. Malicious code cannot be transmitted or executed.

Backups and back end security is included as part of the monthly service. Should you choose to cancel any particular content delivery agreement, for any reason, your data is always yours and will be made available to you after cancellation.

Each suite of call end-points are isolated completely from each other and can only be activated using a unique secret key that we will issue to you. None else can view anything if you do not want them to. Unique keys cannot be hacked or stolen or copied once they leave your systems because of the SSL encryption.


How to Consume a REST API?

If you have ever used Google Maps in your front end, you have used an API.

There are numerous resources and javascript related libraries that document how and call and use a REST API. Some of these will be more fully documented later.

In essence, however, calling an API is simply a link to another web page, that returns a text JSON response, which you simply render in the HTML using the id="someName" tag.

See some examples here.

Even Wordpress has plugins to call and use REST API responses.

Our RESt calls use the methods GET (read), PUT (create), POST (update) and DELETE (remove) methods. These methods are all catered for in whatever Javascript library or plug-in you use.

Because our service is personal, we assist wherever we can with your initial integration of out REST APIs into your systems.

Why HughesTech?

Because we are the Specialists

Why indeed? Why not copy the idea and do it yourself by hiring your own API developer?

We are sure some people will. We are also sure they will soon discover to their cost how expensive and problematic taking this direction can be.

At HughesTech we specialise in this niche. It is what we do.

We have developed this approach and refined the process over a number of years, discovering and learning all the pit-falls and potential problems and how to avoid them along the way.

We develop minimalistic, appropriate and targeted REST APIs and content delivery systems with the best Open Source technologies that work, are efficient and secure. Utilising the best Test Driven Development and continuous deployment approach that we could find also means they are solid and responsive.

As long as requirement understanding is clear, they are also quick to develop and even quicker to change and adapt. Comprehensive content delivery end-points that seem to take many companies literally months to implement can take as little as five days with HughesTech.

Changes and adaptations can only take hours, even minutes to be done, tested and deployed.

Because the service is remote and independently managed, you can completely bypass tiresome and sometimes bureaucratic internal software audit requirements.

Development and set up is rolled into the reasonable monthly fee, so there are no Capex justifications needed. The monthly SaaS agreement is entirely open ended. Cancel anytime you wish.

If you should wish to cancel, for any reason, your data is always yours and will be made available to you without issue.