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Websites and online systems are an essential aspect for any business. However, a badly implemented or a badly supported website turns out to be a liability.

Web designers have a poor reputation for a reason. They are commissioned and paid well to implement a company website, but then 'disappear'. They forget the long-term relationship and leave the client without support and backup.

Even worse, they can sometimes even become exploitive. Believing they have you "over a barrel", the hold you and your data to ransom, knowing that to move elsewhere would be an expensive and difficult process for the client.

How we reclaim your website...

Regardless of the platform or program used to create the website in the first place, all websites are fundamentally the same thing. HTML and CSS code.

We leverage this insight and re-implement the existing site onto our world-class platforms, without the previous developer even being aware of it. Back end processes would also be re-done to perform the same functions as they did before. In spite of what many believe, the data is often recoverable as well. By using a technique known as Screen Scraping, the site can usually be recovered without difficultly.

Once reimplemented and stabilised, the client will be assured of ongoing, world class, trouble free, one-on-one support for a reasonable monthly flat fee. Any upgrades or updates will simply be a case of "just ask". Going forward, the opportunities to change you website into a business powerhouse become limitless.


From R 450 per month. The entire cost of reclaiming and reimplementing the site, as well as the on-going, one-on-one world class support is entirely covered by a monthly flat fee.

Any updates, changes and upgrades can be done on a project basis, if required. However, we would suggest the client manages their Capex cost by simply rolling such costs into the flat fee as well.

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Rest assured that your website, your Digital Assets and your data will always remain yours and will never be withheld. Any agreement with HughesTech is open ended and can be cancelled at any time without penalty.

Contact us immediately and let us look into how best we can help you.